Quick Tips


Play fewer hands while being more aggressive.

Stop limping into the pot with an average hand.

Draws still have value when betting.

Defend your big blind when it makes sense.

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Hello World
Let me introduce myself. My name is William L Warren hence the name WLWenterprises.com or acronym WLW We Like to Win .
I grew up as small town farm boy. Who knows the values between right and wrong. My up bringing was by Father and Mother who was married 54 years. They were high school sweethearts and very hard workers. They both passed the same year 1989 within 35 days of each other. Dad worked as a heavy equipment operator for 43 years 841union out of Terra Haute , Indiana. Mom helped with family farm, sold insurance, then did taxes for 20 years for H&R Block manager for the last 10 years . My older sibling one brother whom is 10 years my elder who also followed Father’s footsteps . Married his high school sweetheart of over 50 plus years and still going strong. Two children boy and girl, with 2 grandchildren. They have both graduated high school and going strong.
Which now comes to me. Grew up as a farm boy but went to the city. College Murray State University in Kentucky, Sales then business man over 29 years. I followed my Mother’s footsteps. When she passed in 1989 I had to do my own taxes which I hated. So I attended H&R Block tax school and become a tax preparer. I also a few years later became an insurance rep and financial planner. Pretty stiff competition in small market arena , I became a truck driver OTR (over the road) 48 states plus Canada
Truck driver for another 18 years.
Now currently a Blackjack, poker, and table games dealer. This is where Bust Out Billy has evolved. When dealing Blackjack and I go over 21 which too many. I yell out very loud Bust Out Billy is in the house! He’s in the house! He’s in the house. The casino could be an average day everybody minding their business, you hear the noise or sounds of the slot machines. Then all of sudden , Bust Out Billy is in the house, he’s in the house!
Players jump and get stardled when that happens especially when it’s the first time at my table.After that they are wanting Bust Out Billy to say it again and again and again. They love to hear the sound. The players win which a good thing because everyone makes money even the dealers. We live on tokes (tips) from the players that’s how we make our living.
This is my biography blog to give you an update of my past. Many blogs about the Biz , strategies , of Blackjack,poker, and other table games soon to follow from a players also dealers point of view.
Thanks for your time
Good luck and best wishes from
“Bust Out Billy ” of WLWEnterprises.com

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  • Blackjack is a table game based on the odds you have in any given hand. Unless you’re playing with a single deck, trying to count cards isn’t the best way to give yourself more chances to win. When a table loses, it is not unusual......