Advanced Poker Strategies to Crush Your Opponents

Advanced Poker Strategies to Crush Your Opponents

Most people can pick up poker by playing a few hands at a friendly table. When you start feeling confident in your skills, then you might try some tournaments or cash games with your friends.

When it feels like your game has stalled in its upward progress, then it is time to begin learning some advanced poker strategies. Are you ready to up the stakes?

Identify Pot-Committed Players Immediately

Being aware of the chip stacks of your opponent can let you know when someone becomes pot-committed. That means the player is unlikely to fold unless they know for sure that your hand is better – and even then, they might stay in the hand. 

Once a player commits half of their chips to a hand, then the odds that they are pot-committed is much higher. The table’s short stack in this position is almost always staying in the hand. Knowing this information means that you can relax your hand requirements a little when calling because something marginal might win.

Respond to a Raise Appropriately

Poker is a game of information. When someone raises behind you, then understanding what to do relies on several variables.

1. How good is your hand right now?

2. How many players were in the pot already when the raise happened?

3. Do several players need to make their first decision?

4. Does your hand give you position on the raiser after a flop occurs?

5. What does your stack look like right now?

When you have good pot odds, then calling an aggressive raise might make sense. Even if the player has a pair of aces in the hole, you might have a chance to outdraw that hand with what you have.

If the risk doesn’t translate into a profitable potential reward, then folding is usually the correct choice to make. Saving your chips for a stronger position gives you a better chance to double up.

Showing Hands is a Specific Poker Strategy

When you play in casual games, the players who show their hands are often excited that they got something big and want to show it off.

Players who show a good hand might also be working you to steal a pot in the future because it “forces” you to respect their presence in the pot.

When someone shows a bluff, the usual desire is to put you on tilt – that means you become frustrated or angry that you fell for a lie when you had the best hand. Take a deep breath, let the circumstances go, and play the next hand to the best of your ability. That’s how you win at poker.

Advanced players can sometimes show you a bluff to get you to jump to the wrong conclusion. When they bet aggressively on another hand, the goal is to make you think that they’re bluffing again – but this time, they have a monster hand.

When you take the time to refine your game, then you can start playing with the best. Keep practicing whenever you can because more hands translate into better skills. 

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