5 Professional Poker Players to Start Following Today

5 Professional Poker Players to Start Following Today

If you want to learn how to play poker at a world-class level, the first step toward your goal is to practice. Play as many hands as you possibly can, as often as possible, to develop the skills needed to read the game.

Another way to start learning the best poker tips and tricks is to follow your favorite professional poker players online. If you have a Twitch account, then you can find hundreds of hours of livestream content available each day.

You can also access resources like YouTube and ESPN to watch old tournaments, world championships, and high-stakes cash games.

When you’re ready to start developing your game, these are the professional poker players that you’ll want to follow.

Best Poker Players to Follow on Twitch Today

1. Jason Somerville

Somerville is the founder of Run It Up TV, which has over 200,000 subscribers. He’s a World Series of Poker (WSOP) champion, earning nearly $4 million in live tournaments. Players get a chance to play against him when signing up for the games sponsored by his channel. One of the best options offered by this channel is the poker tutorials that can begin to hone your game.

2. Jamie Staples

You can find this professional poker player on the PokerStaples channel on Twitch. He has more than 100,000 followers that enjoy the 250+ videos that are available to watch. Staples has placed in several tournaments in recent years, including a run in 2018 during a Run It Up event in Reno, where he got a first, second, and third in the three tournaments he entered.

3. Courtney Gee

Gee turned pro in 2010 through her skill and love of the game, but playing poker still has some gender barriers in place that can make it a challenge to get the attention one deserves. Her interest also faded for the game somewhat after receiving a diagnosis of Lupis. The community aspect of Twitch drew her back to the game, and now she has tens of thousands of followers her watch her channel.

4. Parker Talbot

If you love watching high-stakes poker games, then Talbot is the man you want to watch. He’s accumulated over $3 million in online cash game wins. He is signed to 888poker and is approaching 100,000 followers on Twitch. Although his sense of humor isn’t for everyone, the interactions that Talbot has with other players makes his streams quite watchable.

5. Randy Lew

This poker professional plays multiple hands at the same time – almost all of the time. Lew is the world-record holder for the most hands played over eight hours, completing over 14,500 rounds. It is not unusual to see him managing over 20 games at once when following his game.

Poker can be a cruel game to even seasoned pros. If you can stick with the hands to keep playing, then you can find it to be a fun game to play. Follow these players online to continue working!

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