Go Camping on a Staycation to Save Money

Go Camping on a Staycation to Save Money

When you don’t have the money available for a vacation this year, then a staycation is your next best option.

With the economy recovering from the coronavirus emergency, most families are working with a tight budget. The cost of securing airfare, restaurant meals, and more isn’t in the cards for a summer adventure. That’s why camping should be one of the activities at the top of your list of things to do.

Whether you pitch a tent monthly or you don’t remember camping since your days in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, you can still have a fun experience. Here are some guidelines to follow when you decide to have this staycation.

Don’t Settle for the Backyard

A staycation doesn’t mean you need to be stuck at home. Find a local campground that has some space for an evening or two. Most local spots are less than $25 per night for a site when you bring a tent. Some state parks are even cheaper than that!

If you don’t have a local campground, then pitching a tent in your backyard can be a safe and fun experience. When spatial issues restrict that option, then consider using a small tent that could fit in your living room to create the staycation experience you want.

Pack What You Need

Most sporting goods stores give you the option to rent a tent if you don’t own one. Expect to pay about $30 for a week of use. Sleeping bags are affordable, although you can go camping with blankets. Pots and pans need to come along for camping. Don’t forget about the bug spray!

Most campgrounds offer a fire pit with an attached grill for cooking. If you have a camping stove, then bring it along so that you don’t go hungry. It helps to bring some ice for your cooler so that your items don’t spoil when you’ll enjoying the outdoors.

Stop at the Grocery Store

Food always seems to taste better when it gets made over a campfire. Most camping destinations are close enough to town that you can stop at a grocery store to make your meals at the site. Packing food can save you a significant amount of money during your staycation!

Don’t settle for surviving on S’mores and hot dogs when you spend a night under the stars. Anything that you would grill at home can get cooked over the fire.

Choose a Private Campground

Most private campgrounds offer additional amenities for you to enjoy. There might be a playground, a swimming pool, or miniature golf. Several nature trails are typically near your location, giving you hiking and cycling opportunities. Some destinations offer guided tours, free breakfast, and location-specific events.

If you are ready to get away for some relaxation time this year, then consider camping if your budget says it’s a staycation this year. Not only does this option let you save some cash, but it will also help your family to reconnect with nature. 

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