Camp Delaware

Camp Delaware

This past Saturday and Sunday October 17 and 18 we as a family went camping. Camp Delaware just outside Milan Indiana.

It was perfect weather and lots of fun to say the least. It was Eli’s first camp out. We had purchased a tent at Walmart which ended up having a rip in it. They exchanged it with no problem. It was a four man tent but highly recommend for two instead but we all managed. One our sleeping bags was a double sleeping bag which I bought Amazon that worked really good. 

Eli caught his first fish                        

which was a nice size Bass. We arrived Saturday at 2pm starting to setup the tent which only took about 20 minutes. Then we off to the ponds to go fishing. We caught probably 10 fish total 

 We used live bait mostly nightcrawlers and red worms. After fishing the scouts had a tug of war contest. First it was scouts against scouts. Then it was scouts against the moms. Then scouts against the dad’s . Then dad’s against the moms. There were a lot more moms than the dad’s and the moms won on every level. It was a great time and good clean fun ( no mud this time).

Then if was time to build the fire. From gathering the wood to lighting the match. There was a perfect metal ring for the fire pit that was on about 6 bricks.

Just high enough for air to circulate underneath the fire. They started with kindling ,then bigger sticks and finally nicely cut logs. It was the perfect fire for the perfect night. We all cooked hotdogs and had mac and cheese along with bake beans for our dinner meal. Then when everyone had ate their meal . Out came the marshmallows , chocolate, and  graham crackers for smores. They were so good I personally ate two .

The cub scout leader told some spooky and funny stories to enlighten the evening. After supper the scouts played and then finally lights were out.

The next morning the scouts cooked breakfast pancakes and bacon yum yum.

Then we took our tents down and packed up. It starting raining and the temperature was dropping. We get all packed and ready to go. Then wouldn’t you know it my van didn’t start. The battery was completely dead. We tried to get it jumped but no such luck. We did however get a ride home. I got my truck withy heavy duty jumper cables and that did the trick. I went ahead and purchase a new battery, installed it now all is good.

What a great weekend. Go Cub Scouts!

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