Best Way to Remove Ugly Wallpaper from Your New House

Best Way to Remove Ugly Wallpaper from Your New House

You just purchased your dream home. There’s finally a formal office space, room for the kids to run, and enough bathrooms for everyone.

The only problem you face after closing on this property involves the wallpaper.

It is not unusual for a new home to come with a lot of out-of-date or unsightly wallpaper that you want to disappear. Removing it can be a frustrating chore, and it can be expensive hiring someone to do that work for you.

Although a DIY removal won’t be the most fun you’ll have when remodeling a new home, it doesn’t need to be an expensive experience. You don’t need to use a bunch of chemicals to complete the work, either.

These steps will take you through the process to follow.

Prepare the Wallpaper for Removal

1. Run a wallpaper scoring tool over the product you want to remove. The perforations it makes will make it easier to penetrate the paste that keeps it on the walls.

2. Peel off the top layer of the wallpaper if you have loose edges.

3. Mix equal parts warm water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Apply the liquid liberally to the wallpaper. It needs about 15 minutes to soak into the glue. Then use a scraper to start getting rid of the unsightly stuff.

4. If the wallpaper isn’t coming off for you, then score it again with your tool. Then apply another liberal coating of the vinegar and water mixture.

5. When the wall is wet and the paper still doesn’t come off, then the scraper could be the problem. A lot of DIY specialists use an old plastic credit card because it won’t damage the walls like a metal tool. Some projects need a razor blade to get underneath the edges of the product so that it can peel away from the wall.

6. Focus on small areas unless you get a massive response from the acetic acid in the vinegar. Some adhesives take more time to soften, which means you’ll get more done by taking one spot at a time.

7. If you have multiple layers of wallpaper to remove, then a handheld steamer might be necessary to complete this project. The heat and steam loosen the paper enough that it peels right off of the wall. It works exceptionally well for vinyl-based products that have natural moisture resistance. Then allow the sheetrock to dry before preparing the wall for primer and paint.

Removing wallpaper is always the best option to remove a look that you don’t like in your new home. You may have the opportunity to hang new paper or paint over the existing product if you prepare the walls correctly for the new surface. If you tackle one room each weekend, then you can create a design that you love in no time at all!

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