What Can Stop Heat Damage from Hurting My Hair?

What Can Stop Heat Damage from Hurting My Hair?

If you prefer to style your hair with heat, then you are likely familiar with the damage that happens as the weeks pass. Although the aesthetic benefits of this approach are often welcome, the warmth also causes the cuticle to release natural curl and moisture while lying flat or holding a different shape.

That means the cuticles can dry out, changing the structure of the proteins found in each strand.

Once you have heat damage, it can seem like your only option is to cut everything off to start all over. Depending on the severity of your situation, several methods of restoration can bring back the strength and shine you want.

How to Prevent Heat Damage

The best solution to stop heat damage from affecting your look is to discontinue using the styling tools that create this problem. If that isn’t possible, then these strategies can help to protect your locks from future issues.

1. Rinse your hair in cold water.

Rinsing hair in cold water enables the cuticle to seal itself after you take care of your hygiene needs. One of the easiest ways to implement this approach is to turn the shower knob to the cold side of the dial.

2. Keep your blow dryer at least five inches away.

If your blow dryer is too close to your head, then the heat can damage your hair quickly. Keeping it at least five inches away might take more time to get the look you want, but it also helps to protect your follicles. It may even be a better way to care for your locks than air drying.

3. Use a microfiber towel.

A microfiber towel takes more moisture out of your hair than a conventional product. It helps to avoid rubbing your locks when drying because that action causes more tangles to form. Blotting that starts at the top can speed up the process, reducing the amount of time needed with a blow dryer to achieve your desired look.

4. Spray surface protectant on your hair.

Before you start using a styling tool, spray a protectant on your strands to protect your hair from heat damage. A product that contains keratin and silicone help to seal your cuticle to make your look more resistant to your styling efforts.

5. Sleep on satin.

If you have a longer hairstyle, then consider upgrading your pillowcases to satin. The smoothness of the material works to prevent tangles and knots from forming while sleeping. Even if you toss-and-turn at night, you’ll find that there is less fuss in the morning with this option. You won’t need to shampoo and condition your hair as often because you have more control over the process. That means fewer heat treatments may be required to maintain your style. 

Some hairstyles can only get fixed with a cut when heat damage exists. Try these proactive steps to prevent problems before they start so that you can enjoy your favorite look every day. 

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