Remarkable Blackjack Winning Stories

Remarkable Blackjack Winning Stories

When you play table games at a casino, there can be times when you experience a remarkable hot streak. Everyone has a story of two where it seemed like everything they did resulted in a win – and a lot of cash coming home.

There has been some incredible Blackjack winning stories that have come out of Las Vegas over the years. Here are some of the most remarkable tales that actually happened.

The 20 Hands from Kerry Packer

Packer went to the Blackjack tables at the MGM in Las Vegas. He placed a bet of $250,000 at various points throughout the evening, eventually winning 20 consecutive hands with those bets. He also once had the biggest ever win in the city, but Packer has also had some stunning losses. He took home $7 million one day in 1991, only to lose $10 million the next year in a single day at the same casino.

$300 to $1.5 Million – to Nothing

A man with no shoes on went into a casino in Las Vegas with only $300 to his name. He cashed in the check, started playing Blackjack, and ended up being worth $1.5 million after playing for a few hours. His winning didn’t last forever. The fellow didn’t quit while he was ahead, and he ended up losing almost everything.

The Team from MIT

The group from MIT created a Blackjack system that fooled the casinos with their card-counting abilities. The team claims that their proprietary method of playing the game resulted in winning over $500,000 in a single night. Some of the members were bringing home millions of dollars through the 1990s. Their methods forced a change to the structure of the game for the casual player because they were so good at what they did.

The UFC Owner is a Blackjack Champion

Dana White has reportedly been banned twice from the Palms Casino in Las Vegas because of his aggressive playing style and ability to win. He took home $2 million in 2014, got told to leave, and now reportedly has a UFC belt that says he is the Blackjack champion of the world at the casino.

Breakfast Blackjack

It is not unusual to see a few players at the Blackjack tables in the morning when visiting Las Vegas because it isn’t as busy. An investment manager when from the buffet at the Bellagio to the tables with a $300 stake. He ended up walking away with almost $470,000 before it was time for lunch, and all he did was follow the basic strategy.

The $300,000 Meal

Shane Smith, who is the CEO of Vice Media, won $100,000 at the Blackjack table while visiting the Consumer Electronics Show. He turned that money into a $300,000 steak dinner. It was an experience that became such a sensation that the CEO of MGM came to congratulate Smith on the event personally.

If you don’t play Blackjack, then there is no way to produce a success story like these. It doesn’t take much to start playing, and who knows what a small stake could turn into one day!

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