Black jack Explained

Black jack Explained

 BlackJack is a simple game where you are trying to add up your cards dealt to you 21 or as close as you can get to 21 without busting . Numbers being as they are, face cards adding up to 10 and Aces count as 1 or 11. Pretty simple Right? Well now some casinos have added a combination game along with the regular Blackjack,
It’s called a 3 card poker hand. The players first 2 up cards and the dealers first up card.Meaning on straights,flushes, and trips or three of a kind that can pay out a pretty substantial  amount of money.
Examples as follows:
 Player has a 8, 9 and the dealer turns up 7 or 10 to make a 3 card straight .
 Player has any two suited cards and the dealer turns up a card of the same suit that would a flush
 Player has the same cards say, Jacks and the dealer turns up another Jack that would considered trips.
So in essence if the player ends up with a straight,flush or trips and has made a side bet on the 3 card poker hand then it would pay whatever the house has posted on the table payouts. On these scenarios at Hollywood Lawrenceburg, In it pays 9 to 1. On our layouts it is called 21 + 3 bet.  

 Now here is where it gets interesting. It’s called the TOP 3 ! The same scenarios as above the only thing being is the difficulty and the odds.Which are Trips, Straight Flush and Suited Trips..On Trips that would be for example the player get two 8’s and the dealer turns up an 8 of different suits. At Hollywood Casino, In. it pays 90 to 1 odds . $5 bet = $45
 On a straight flush Ace,King,Queen of the same suit or any other 3 card same suit combination ,etc.,7,8,9 it pays180 to 1. $5 bet would equal $900. Say what ? That’s exactly what I’m saying!
 Now for the final finally. Here it comes. SUITED TRIPS 270 t0 1 odds $5 bet equals $1350. BAM !
The Maximum bet on the 21 + 3 circle or spot is $100 maximum bet on the Top 3 bet it is $25.
 In conclusion of this writing your probably wondering isn’t this a sucker bet as they say or a house bet. Here’s your answer YES but it’s very well possible to make some serious money. Back to my original post if your gambling better have a bank roll and money management is key, You also have to have Lady Luck on your side .It’s all in the cards.The way the cookie crumbles, the game of chance, It can make or break you.The thrill of victory vs the agony of defeat. When you win you have pep in your step back to the car. Calling your wife , girl friend, or significant other
telling them how happy you are. If you lose then it’s long walk back to the car sometimes even feeling sick to your stomach.Thinking to yourself how can I be so stupid and then you just beat up on yourself. I know I have been there, done that, got the T-Shirt and the hat , what do you think about that.
 Now back to the positive side of all of this. Just the other day I was dealing and a player had $15 on the blackjack spot and $25 on the 21 + 3 (9 to 1) $25 max bet on the top 3 spot hit a straight flush (180 to 1) I paid the player $4500 plus $225 = $4725 total I said Bam Bam ! he gave me a $75. toke or tip just on that one hand. He played for about an hour , tipping all along. He definitely left a winner 

Kenny Rogers, in  (The Gambler)
Just like the song says, “You’ve got to know when to hold them . Know when to fold them,know when to walk away ,know when to run . You never count your money while sitting at the table , there’ll be plenty of time for counting when the dealing is done.” Oh so true in Poker , but Blackjack you need to keep a count of your money.
Completely different game. Poker you’.re playing against other players. Blackjack your playing against the house.

Well there you have it folks Bust Out Billy is Busting out of this blog for now until next time. Peace out ! 

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